5 Pool Prep Tips that Everyone Should Know this Summer

    Summer is only a few months away, and with it comes sun and fun in the pool. Before you can have your neighbors over for swimming, however, you have to get that pool open. All too often that means more than a little elbow grease, the right mix of chemicals to turn it from green to clear, and getting it in clean shape. Here are some tips to make your pool cleaning days a little easier.

    1. Call a Friend to Help Out

    Any job is easier with an extra hand. If you have friends or family willing to bend their backs, the job becomes that much easier. Share a few cold drinks and good times and, before you know it, everything will be ready and raring to go!

    Just be careful not to get too many cooks in the kitchen. One or two friends helping out is a great idea. Ten will result in, at best, people lounging around and partying, and at worst getting in each other’s way, hindering your process.

    2. Begin Pool Prep Before it Gets Too Hot

    The earlier you start the job, the better off you will be. It’s much more pleasant to take care of the job when the weather is cooler. Of course, in Dallas and Fort Worth areas it’s warm even in the early spring.

    In addition, you might actually find that you can take advantage of some early season deals at the local pool supply store, should you need special equipment or chemicals.

    3. The Boy Scout Motto – “Be Prepared”

    The Boy Scout Motto is “Be Prepared.” Before you even pull the cover off, sit down and make a checklist to ensure you have everything you need to get the pool up and running. This includes an opening kit, pole, skimmer, vacuum, tubing, brush, test kit and all the chemicals you may need to get everything spic and span.

    4. Double Check the Filter and Pump

    Check your filter and pump early. Make sure it is still in good repair and running smoothly. Once it is running, keep it going until everything is clear, and then get it on a regular time schedule.

    5. Test the Water Early On

    As soon as you pull off the cover, take a water sample with a cup and apply it to your test kit to check the pH and chlorine levels. Even better, take the sample to a local pool supply store, where they can give you an even more accurate sample to work with. The pool supply store can check for both total chlorine and free chlorine, alkalinity and pH balance, chlorine stabilizer levels and the hardness of the water (how much calcium is present).

    Also, when you find a source you trust, stick with them. It’s not a good idea to get mixed signals from multiple suppliers. Everyone has their own idea of what is best, and what is more frustrating — nearly everyone is right. There are so many different ways to handle pool maintenance, the only way to do it wrong is to mix methods.

    If you are looking to buy a home with a great pool in the Dallas or Fort Worth area, we can help you find just what you need. Fill out the form below or give us a call at (972) 992-1471 and we’ll be more than happy to assist you!

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