Area Update: I-35 Infrastructure Project — HOV Lanes, Variable Tolls

    Known as the “Horseshoe Project,” the infrastructure project for the I-30/I-35 interchange is hoping to fix the congestion that clogs the lanes every day. Just outside of the city of Dallas, the area is ranked one of the most congested areas in Texas, but after the project is done, I-30 and I-35 will be widened to 23 lanes total.

    Halfway There

    According to those working on the project, the redesign and construction were supposed to take four years to complete, and now it is halfway done, scheduled to be finished in the summer of 2017. While that can seem like a long period of time, one has to consider all that is taking place in order to complete this $800 million infrastructure project.

    Roads, ramps, bridges and barriers all have to either be built or re-built, in order to construct a horseshoe-shaped system that will cut down on congestion. Construction on the project began before planning was even finished in order to try and speed up the process.

    HOV Lanes and Variable Tolls

    It has been stated that “Project Pegasus” will make improvements to the HOV lanes in the interchange, so those traveling with a larger number of people will be able to travel at a more efficient pace. Because of this, it is a goal of the project to minimize the need for any additional right-of-way, as the efficiency of the integrated HOV lanes will be maximized.

    Tolls will be charged electronically through TEXpress Lanes, which are planned to be added to I-35. If you have a Texas license plate, your toll fee will automatically be deducted from your pre-paid account. If you are from out-of-state, a bill will be sent to your address, as cameras will photograph your license plate.

    Due to the TEXpress Lane system and the improved HOV lanes on I-35, the hope is that congestion will be cleared, making for faster travel through the city of Dallas. Additionally, the North Texas Tollway Authority (NTTA) has prepared studies that will lead to a new location for a reliever route, known as the Trinity Parkway, to further help move traffic along in the area.

    What This Means for Business

    After the project has been completed, businesses located off the interchange will feel the relief almost immediately. Ever since the infrastructure project began, local businesses have felt boxed-in by the construction and claim that it has brought in less people. Once the barriers are lifted and traffic can flow freely once more, the route to get to these places of business will be cleared, making travel easier for employees and customers alike.

    It is planned that this project will not only clear congestion, but make commute times faster for people who are traveling in and out of the city every day, which brings hope to those who do not live in downtown Dallas.

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