Caught Between a Gold Brick and a Hard Place!

    By now we are sure you have heard of just how hot the real estate market in Denton County is for those looking to sell their house.  The statistics, compared to last year, are exciting enough to make even the most rooted families consider cashing in on their prized investment.


    The Gold Brick

    Comparing the Denton County residential real estate market from January 1st through the end of April, you can easily see how strong the market is for those looking to sell.

    # of Homes SOLD Sales Price per SqFt Sales Price to Original List Price Days On Market Sales Price
    2015 3,065 Homes $106.57 98.5% 51 Days $264,080
    2016 3,402 Homes $116.25 99.25% 32 Days $288,067

    The $9.68/SqFt jump in sales price means sellers have netted on average nearly $24,000 MORE for their Denton County house in only a year’s time!

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    The Hard Place

    As you can see, now is a phenomenal time to obtain the absolute most for what is likely your largest investment.  However, with every coin there are two sides and the current real estate market happens to be no different.  While the selling market is as strong as it has ever been, finding your next home and beating out the buying competition can be more difficult.  This year, compared to 2015, the amount of homes listed for sale only rose by 8% (keep in mind the number of homes sold rose by 11%) and the amount of available inventory isn’t keeping up with the number of buyers searching for their next home.  It is due to this that many homeowners wanting to sell and move are double thinking their decision.

    Many homeowners share a concern that after they list their current house and ultimately sell it, they will not be able to find a new home to move into due to the low inventory of available homes.  This is where partnering with The Rhodes Team, the most active listing team in Denton County, can pay dividends.


    The Right Tools

    Homeowners who work with The Rhodes Team to sell their current house and find their next home are referred to as Rhodes VIP Buyers!  One of the greatest benefits of becoming a Rhodes VIP Buyer is gaining access to our many Coming Soon listings (sometimes before they even hit the market), and as the most active listing team in Denton County we often have a large quantity of pre-market homes waiting for their ideal time to list.  Now more than ever, the ability to know what is coming on the market before the buying competition is critical and can mean the difference between obtaining your next home, and missing out.

    >>Learn more about becoming a Rhodes VIP Buyer and get a leg up on the competition!<<


    If you are wanting to make a move, don’t let inventory stop you from getting the absolute most amount of money on the sale of your current home.  With interest rates still at great lows, now is the optimal time to make a move.  Call us today at 972-899-5600.

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