Construction Projects that Might Affect your DFW Commute

    Most DFW residents enjoy a relatively brisk commute in the mornings and evenings. However, not everyone’s DFW commute is ideal. Congestion can happen in several major arterial roads as well as local roads that see heavy traffic.

    On top of that, the metropolitan area is growing at such a great pace that the Texas DOT and local municipalities are trying to keep up with several ambitious highway projects. These projects promise breezier travel in the long run, but as of now they mean chronic lane closures and longer trips to and from work.

    To help you sort through the mess and know when to expect long waits, here is our forecast for traffic problems you are likely to see in the next several months:

    Colleyville Traffic Circle

    The traffic circle under construction at the intersection of Cheek Sparger and Jackson roads has been quite a sticking point for people travelling through Tarrant County. DOT officials promised that the project would be completed last August, but it is still being worked on as we speak.

    Luckily, the worst days have passed. Back in December, ever-shifting signs and barriers made navigating the project a veritable logic puzzle. Now, officials say the circle is over 90 percent done and just needs some final touches before it is operating as it should. Regardless, getting through the area will still be a trial as people get used to using the traffic circle and workers gradually polish off the last details.

    35Express Project on I-35E

    35Express is an extremely ambitious construction project that is slated to require several years and cost $1.4 billion. Workers from the AGL team are reconfiguring 30 miles of Interstate 35 East from US 380 in Denton County all the way to the I-635 loop in Dallas.

    While the ultimate goal of the project is to relieve congestion on one of the busiest stretches in the country, the current effect is the exact opposite. Expect chronic lane closures all along the corridor from now until the project is completed in the distant future.

    Daily updates are available by clicking on the project’s website, but know in general US 380 to Swisher Road will see lane closures throughout the work week until late summer. Other major changes will be the destruction of the FM 407 Bridge in Lewisville and lane closures throughout Carrollton and the area around the President George Bush toll way.

    As a small consolation, enjoy viewing the “barrel monsters” the construction crews created from road work materials as you crawl past.

    Growing Pains in Plano

    Most commute troubles are the direct result of construction projects, but upcoming growth in Plano has many residents worried about a general epidemic of stopped-up roads. Toyota has begun breaking ground in the West Plano area with their massive new North American headquarters. The event is exciting considering it will provide 4,000 or more local jobs, but locals are anticipating how this growth will affect roadway congestion.

    Toyota’s chosen site in the Legacy West neighborhood is already abuzz with employees of Frito-Lay and J.C. Penney. Liberty Mutual insurance and FedEx are also set to join Toyota just down the road with shiny new offices of their own. Altogether, the new HQs are expected to bring 9,000 or more new residents and vehicles to the area.

    Roadways like Legacy Drive are not designed to handle that level of traffic. Even though campuses like Toyota’s will not open until 2017, Plano residents are already noticing an uptick in road use. The City’s planning director has been unable to vet any long-term plans to deal with the traffic other than a “high-tech traffic control system” that coordinates lights to reduce congestion.

    We hope this information can give you insight on the best routes to take on your travels. To get up-to-the-minute traffic reports, you can use informative sites like CBS 11 News’ live traffic page. You can also find out more about which cities have the most and least enjoyable commutes on Nerdwallet’s recent DFW report.

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