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    The DFW Job Market: How It Affects YOU As a Home Seller and Home Buyer

    The past 2 years have brought an unprecedented wave of corporate relocations in the Dallas/Fort Worth metropolitan area.  Companies from the East coast, West coast, and everywhere in between, are flocking to Texas to take advantage of the booming economy and relatively low cost of living.  Some of the biggest players include; State Farm, Toyota, American Airlines, and JPMorgan Chase – just to name a few.  With Texas being home to a whopping 4 out of the 10 fastest-growing cities nationwide (Austin, Houston, San Antonio & Dallas/Fort Worth), it’s no wonder so many corporations decided to move their headquarters and employees to the Lone Star state!

    Why Texas?

    STATE-OF-TEXASIf Texas were still its own nation (which some proud Texans would vehemently support), its economy would be the 12th largest in the world.  After all, everything’s bigger in Texas, right? Actually, not everything.  Many companies are relocating to the state of Texas to take advantage of low tax rates, as well as the absence of a state income tax.   In addition to lower tax rates is the enticingly low cost of living, notably real estate, for Texas residents compared to other states like California and New Jersey. While we are still experiencing steadily rising home prices in DFW, even compared to just 3 years ago, California natives moving to Texas are spending on average less than HALF of what they would pay for the same house in the Golden State! That’s a deal most can’t pass up.

    What this means for you as a HOME SELLER:

    Despite the ever-shrinking inventory of homes available, buyers, more than ever, pursue and expect a move-in ready home. To most, “move-in ready” means all the latest colors, updates, and finish-outs, with the exception of maybe a few minor cosmetic changes based on personal preferences.  If you, or someone you know is interested in selling, it is critical to speak with a professional listing agent to get a thorough and accurate home valuation for the current market.  It takes an experienced industry specialist who is familiar with your market area and knows what buyers are looking for, in order to attract the highest number of qualified buyers to your home.  If you are NOT considering selling, but are interested in updating your home, we recommend talking to a real estate professional to help inform you of the latest design trends, and ensure you are spending in the right areas that ultimately lead to a return on your investment.

    If you are interested in receiving a current market home valuation for your home, simply click the link below.

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    What this means for you as a HOME BUYER:

    The competition for homes is at an all-time high, but with home values continually climbing and interest rates remaining incredibly low, now is the ideal time to take advantage of the real estate market and purchase a home.  As a buyer, the greatest asset you could have in a seller’s market is an experienced buyer’s specialist who knows how to craft attractive offers, and win in a multiple offer situation (sometimes without paying higher than the competing offers!).

    If you would like to become a Rhodes Team VIP Buyer and gain access to our coming soon listings (at posting, we have 22 listings coming soon!) simply click the link below.

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