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    Flower Mound – 60 Years in the Making

    They say sometimes it takes the simplest look into the past to tell just how far you’ve come.

    When one of our team members shared a black & white photo with the rest of us today, that statement couldn’t be more true.  A snapshot in another time of what we know today as hustling, bustling, economic thriving, community-driven Flower Mound paints a very different picture of what we see everyday on our way to & from our office.

    Flower Mound in 1954

    This picture, taken in 1954 at the intersection of 2499 (Long Prairie Rd.) & 3040 (Flower Mound Rd.) is an awesome reminder of the North Texas countryside & what opportunity for growth & community it represented.  

    Something tells me the gravel roads wouldn’t fair too well in modern times.  This very same intersection was reported to see 65,000 vehicles a day in 2013!


    Flower Mound wasn’t incorporated until about 7 years after this photo in 1961 & it became an ever-evolving force to North Texas & the DFW Metroplex.  Now with a population of nearly 70,000 people, the town (& the intersection of 2499/3040) looks a bit different than it did back then.  However, the opportunity this area provides is still very prominent.  Simply looking out your car window driving in any direction showcases the addition of new construction such as highly anticipated Lakeside at DFW, Canyon Falls, Montalcino Estates & much more!

    The economic growth Flower Mound has seen in the 60 years from the time this great photo was captured is an inspiration & testament to dedication & hard work.  We are excited to see what it looks like in another 60 years!

    Flower Mound in 2014

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