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Flower Mound Sonic Location Gains a Raving Fan!

Our Closing Assistant Jennifer Luthe recently had an experience with a local Sonic ®, America’s Drive-In that left her as a Raving Fan due to their willingness to go above and beyond with their customer service.  She did not hesitate to share with our team as we are constantly striving to implement like-minded protocols into the way we treat our customers.

She writes…

At about noon today, I called the Sonic® on Cross Timbers, in front of Lifetime Fitness, and asked if I could order twenty $5 gift cards to be picked up later in the day.  The gentleman who answered the phone politely told me they don’t usually do advance orders for gift cards, but as long as I promised to pick them up, he’d have them ready for me.  I told him I work around the corner and would be there in about an hour while I was at lunch.

I pulled into Sonic®, and told the carhop who answered the red button what I was there for, and that Bruce (the gentleman i spoke with on the phone) told me to mention his name.  A few minutes later, a man came out with a box full of stuff and started walking in my direction.  By the shear amount of items he was carrying I figured he was headed to the dumpster, until he stopped at my car door.  Sure enough it was Bruce, who had not only gotten the gift cards ready for me, but had packed them in lidded Sonic® cups along with drink coupons and mints.  Needless to say I was so pleasantly surprised!  I told him how much I appreciated him taking the time to do that for me, while going above and beyond what I was expecting.  During this busy holiday season, it’s so touching when someone takes the time to do something a little extra!  Thank you Bruce at Sonic®!  You have gained a Raving Fan!

Jennifer Luthe – Closing Assistant – The Rhodes Team

We are always excited to see other companies show the same thoughtfulness that we weigh so much of our business on.  The impact of taking a simple task to the next level can create such a flurry of excitement and appreciation, it is truly a characteristic which makes good companies, great.

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      Thanks Chandler,

      We always want to make sure we are applauding great companies in our area! We appreciate the comment!

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