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    Frisco’s Housing Market Lights Up – Time to Sell is Now

    The booming city of the Frisco, Texas, has led most of the nation in growth for the past decade, which has lit up its housing market. In fact, according to census data released by the Associated Press, Frisco holds second place in the entire country for annual population increase. Frisco is practically scrambling to keep up with the pace, opening up four new high schools in the next four years.

    All of this excitement has created a white-hot housing market. New developments are being started every day, but developers are having trouble keeping up with the demand. High demand and short supply creates a distinct sellers’ market, spelling an excellent opportunity for people listing their Frisco home for sale.

    Areas like Panther Creek are seeing incredible sales activity, with many sellers overwhelmed by responses at the mere rumor of their home becoming listed. This sales climate has prompted The Dallas Morning News to even call Frisco “arguably the most dynamic real estate market in Texas.”

    While many may think that such a housing market creates a no-brainer situation for home sellers, navigating a sea of offers can put a lot of pressure on them. Choosing the right real estate agency becomes more important than ever when facing a competitive market. Here are the ways in which an expert, locally-based real estate listing team can help you get the best possible offer on your home:

    The Price Is Right

    In a brisk sellers’ market, the temptation may be there to bait your listing with a ludicrously over-priced list price and hope to reel the less cautious buyers in. Unfortunately, this strategy only bumps your home down in the face of other listings. Even in an area with tight inventory, an overpriced home will sit longer on the real estate market and only attract more aggressive buyers with a mind to haggle.

    Using expert research and past experience, a smart real estate agent can pick the perfect price for your home listing. An ideal listing price fits within the neighborhood, floor plan and home type pricing range — perhaps even a little bit lower. Pricing your home lower rather than higher attracts more offers, and creates a more active listing period. Soon, your home could see competing offers, some of which may come with favorable terms like an all-cash purchase or a waived home inspection.

    Expert Neighborly Instincts

    One problem many home sellers encounter is that their real estate agency has no clue of the differences between one area and the next. Neighborhoods and even streets or blocks can vary radically.

    Getting the right offers during a sellers’ market still involves pitching features that work for that particular area, different amenities that may be offered by the community, as well as knowledge of recent sales activity. These elements all factor into selling preparations, home staging, listing descriptions and how interested buyers are prioritized.

    Dealing with the Real Estate Sharks

    A highly-active sellers’ market has a habit of luring the predators out from the underbrush. Buyers looking to make a quick buck can make a pushy offer that does not benefit the home seller as much as it appears to.

    Sellers need an expert agent at their side to sort through home buyers and offers to screen for the ones that can provide the best selling experience for the homeowner. Agents can also aid in contract negotiations, so sellers can avoid being pulled into a bum deal that looks appealing on paper to the layman.

    Consider The Rhodes Team to Help You Sell Your Frisco Home Real Estate

    The Rhodes Team is based out of Flower Mound, and most of our agents have more than a decade of selling experience. We can get your back and help you push through this feverish time to earn the best possible price and terms on your Frisco home sale. Our agents need inventory to keep up with the pace of sales, so let’s help each other out and get your home sold fast and in a way that caters to your needs.

    Looking to Get your Home Sold Quickly?

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