Home of the Future: Home Automation Trends

    As a way to increase safety and save on monthly costs, home automation trends have become popular in the world of real estate. While the ability to control certain aspects of your home from your electronic device sounds like something from the future, it is here.

    Last year, 1.8 million homes installed automation systems in their houses, typically in the southern region, northeastern region, California and Texas. This number is projected to grow to 12 million by 2016.

    The Convenience Factor

    Because mostly everyone has an electronic device of some kind now, whether it be a smartphone, a tablet or a computer, home automation systems can be controlled, with ease, when you are away from your home. This provides home automation users with the luxury of being able to check-in on their home at all times.

    Staying Safe

    One thing that many Dallas and Fort Worth residents worry about, like most other Americans, is the safety of their home while they are gone for the day. Burglars can strike anywhere and at any time. So to ensure the safety of their homes and belongings, many choose to install an alarm system for their home. However, with home automation, you would have the ability to check the status of your home’s alarm system on your phone, while you are on the go.

    In addition to checking the status of your alarm system, you can also ensure that all doors on the exterior of your home are locked. If you can’t remember whether or not you shut the garage door, you can also control the door from almost any location. This way, if you have, in fact, accidentally left the door open, you can close it even if you are already at work. This works for the locks on your doors, as well.

    By having the ability to check the status of your home’s security, you can rest assured that everything is safe while you are away.

    Saving on Monthly Costs

    Not only will you have the ability to shut and lock doors with your home automation system, but you will also be able to turn off lights and monitor the thermostat. If you have a habit of accidentally leaving lights on when you leave a room, you can use your home automation system to dim or turn off lights from your electronic device. You would also be able to adjust the temperature in your house, if need be. This could potentially save you money on your electricity bills. On average, people with home automation systems save 15 percent on their energy costs, which can amount to $16.50 each month.

    Along with saving money on your utilities, you can also cut back the amount you spend on home insurance. As many insurance companies offer a discount for houses with a home automation system, you can save as much as 20 percent on your monthly bill, or around $3.16 a day. With these two savings combined, you could save as much as $1,352 a year, due to your home automation system.

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