How to Make an Offer the Seller Can’t Refuse

    When making an offer, you do not have to have Don Corleone on your team to get the answer you want to hear. We at The Rhodes Team have years of experience representing buyers and helping them come up with an offer that helps get them exclusive access to the home they want. Our agents know the proper way to bend a seller’s ear with an enticing offer that leaves enough off the table to keep buyers from going all in.

    Walking the delicate balance between offering the seller what they want to hear and keeping the buyer from having to turn out their pockets is something that takes years of practice and no small amount of intuition. Give The Rhodes Team a chance to demonstrate how we have gotten this process nearly perfect.

    Here is how to make an offer the seller can’t refuse by using some tricks and tips.

    Give a Good Reason for Your Price

    The seller wants someone who will meet their listing price penny-for-penny, and the buyer usually wants a seller who will cave and accept an offer far below market value. Trying to appeal to a middle ground means explaining to the seller why you think you should be able to pay less than their asking price, other than simply trying to see what you can get away with. Appeal to their sensibilities and try to make a human connection to stand out. For instance, if you really need a home in a certain neighborhood to get your kids in a good school, but cannot afford to pay more than $10,000 under their asking price, they may empathize with your needs.

    Buyers must also realize when the right time is to make a competitive offer and skip finding wiggle room. Fast markets like the one seen now mean that a lowball offer can allow others to swoop in and take your home unless you can demonstrate that you are willing to negotiate.

    Show Clearly How You Can Afford the House

    A pre-approval letter is great, but a backup plan is even better. Let the seller know you have options like the ability to pay a larger down payment or accept financing even if the home is appraised for a lower value than the closing price. You will want to demonstrate how you can compete with a cash buyer, especially in a seller’s market.

    Make Your Contingencies Seem Reasonable

    A picky buyer can be a red flag to a seller. Everyone should be entitled to an inspection and an appraisal, but contingencies like these can be presented in a more flexible light, such as the example above where a buyer promises that a home appraised for a set dollar amount lower than their offer can still be closed on. Another way to seem flexible is to tell the seller not to worry about repairs under a certain amount, or to give them extra time to move out. Favors like these can cost the buyer little but give their offer a more favorable light in the end.

    Finding Your Seller’s Weakness

    We are certainly not ruthless at The Rhodes Team, but we do know how to read people. A combination of the above techniques — especially a personal appeal — coupled with the perfect price a seller cannot refuse is a recipe for success. Give us the opportunity to show you how skilled we have become at getting buyers in the door with effective offers by visiting our buyers page or by giving us a call at (972) 992-1471.


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