Our Recipe: The Importance of Real Estate Customer Service

    When you are trying to find a real estate agency to help you buy or sell a home, so often you will find pushy ones that are focused on making a quick buck. It soon becomes obvious that they don’t see you as a person, but rather as a walking dollar sign. This becomes incredibly frustrating for you as a buyer or seller, often making you want to just set out on your own.

    The Rhodes Team is different. From the first time you walk through our door or call our office, we make sure you are getting the best deal on a home that you want. Our focus is on real estate customer service and professionalism, even after we’ve closed the deal on your home.

    Our Real Estate Customer Service and Appreciation

    At The Rhodes Team, customer service is at the core of all we do. After all, without a satisfied and retained client base, we wouldn’t have a service to offer. We wanted a way to really show our clients that we appreciate them, even after they had closed on a home. This has led us to creating our Client Appreciation Program.

    The creation of CAP came from the understanding that sometimes, people need to use items like pickup trucks, frozen drink machines, popcorn machines and other equipment for a weekend. So, we have a myriad of items our clients can use when they need to. It is our way to say “Thank You” to our clients across the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex. Since its inception, CAP has been emulated by agencies all across the nation.

    Focus on Professionalism and Knowledge

    Expertise, Thoughtfulness and Integrity. Those are the standards by which your realtor should make every decision. If everything your agent does is not done with an educated, experienced mind, while keeping their client’s absolute best interest in mind, and with an unbreakable promise of sticking by their word, they are not doing their job. Be sure to watch out for these traits, or lack thereof. That can be a major red flag.

    You should also research your realtor’s market experience. If they do not know the area well, you are likely to not get the best deal possible based on local market trends. The Rhodes Team consistently sells more homes than any of our market competition. Our team has been subjected to nearly every real estate condition or possibility that can arise during either selling or buying a home. This case-by-case experience means that if a problem comes up, chances are we have seen it before and know exactly how to handle it.

    Why It’s So Important

    More so than in nearly any other sort of industry, customer service and professionalism are absolutely vital in real estate. Unfortunately, these traits seem to be a lost staple in a lot of different teams across the nation. Our belief is if someone is trusting us during what is most likely the largest financial decision in their life, it is our duty to provide them with not only the highest level of expertise and knowledge, but an absolutely unmatched customer service experience. In the words of our namesake, Russell Rhodes, we truly strive to earn our business daily as “yesterday just gives us the credibility to do it again tomorrow.”

    If you have tried dealing with other real estate agents and faced nothing but disappointment, give The Rhodes Team a try. We can take the time to find you the perfect home in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex so you are truly satisfied with this major life step, no matter how long it takes. We can also help you sell your home for top dollar quickly. Give us a call today at (972) 992-1471 to find out more.

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