What’s a Margarita Machine Have to Do With Real Estate?

    Not every business understands customer service. Their product or services might be the best, they might have the best access to things people want the most, or they may just be really efficient at what they do, but in the end they are not willing to provide their clients with a pleasant experience at the same time.

    Businesses such as these tend to fold when the market turns sour. Suddenly, people are not worried about the best products, access to exclusive services or overall efficiency. They can take their business to someone who can be cheaper, faster or better. With their client base gone, these companies wither and die or have to rethink their approach from scratch.

    Great Business Starts with Great Customer Service

    Other companies — ones like Ritz-Carlton, Nordstrom, Lexus and Southwest Airlines —understand that great customer service is what keeps them in business. They offer value to their clients beyond mere money changing hands and receipts being printed. Instead, the customer feels as if they have gained something as a part of the experience.

    The Rhodes Team strives as hard as we can to stay in the latter camp. Year after year, we try to keep our clients happy and go out of our way to give them anything they need. If this statement seems like an exaggeration, consider this: our past clients can borrow event tables, chairs, chafing dishes, pressure washers, tile saws and even a margarita machine from us any time they want. That is our commitment to providing lasting value and exceeding expectations in a nutshell.

    How Does a Real Estate Agency End Up Loaning Out Margarita Machines?

    Russell Rhodes wanted to find a way to give back to his clients who give so much to him and his team. For example, The Rhodes Team closed 581 home sales in 2014 alone, 50 percent of which  were from either repeat or past clients.

    As far back as 2010, Russell and our team have enjoyed this type of warm community response and friendly reputation driven by word-of-mouth. He saw other agencies giving back to clients and regular referrers with moving trucks and complimentary storage lockers. Russell wanted to go a step further by giving clients something that truly “wowed.”

    The Client Appreciation Program was the Solution

    His solution was to acquire a host of items that clients could borrow at any time & so the Client Appreciation Program was born. The Rhodes Team stores these items on site so that clients can get their house looking great and also throw a killer party when they need to. A gesture as unexpected as a complimentary margarita machine rental goes a long way towards saying “thank you” to the clients that help fuel our business year after year.

    Be a part of our family and get a chance to drink some frosty margaritas of your own. Our experienced buying and selling agents are willing to  provide anything they can towards a transaction to keep our clients happy and  supply them with a lasting positive impression.

    Visit our client appreciation program page to learn more about the ways The Rhodes Team tries to make every interaction we have special.

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