Why Referrals Mean More to us than Sales Figures or Awards

    The Rhodes Team is proud to say that no less than half of our clientele were referred to us by friends, family or colleagues. These real estate referrals indicate the highest possible level of satisfaction from past clients. We enjoy working with referrals, because they have a clearer expectation of what services we can offer them.

    Over the years, our commitment to providing high-quality service has created a network of people who trust our abilities to provide them with the best possible real estate buying and selling experience. This community-based stamp of approval means a lot more to us than any sales numbers or industry awards we could ever earn.

    Why Real Estate Referrals Are So Important

    A great deal of work in the real estate business involves finding leads. When people are planning to buy and sell a home, they are often in unfamiliar territory. Unlike something like a restaurant or an auto repair garage, most people do not happen to notice a real estate office when they drive by. They also tend to only use a real estate agency a handful of times in their life, usually only a time or two in a single area.

    All of these factors mean that people are nervous about finding a quality real estate agency. With hundreds of thousands of dollars on the line, these potential clients cannot afford to make a mistake when it comes to the agency they choose.

    The traditional means of bringing these people to our business is through advertising and professional referral agencies. Both are quite impersonal, and both also do not give the client a complete idea of what to expect with our services. While we always strive as hard as we can to meet the needs of every individual we work with, inorganic lead generation has a longer period of “getting a feel” for what the client wants and how we can bring it to them.

    Organic referrals — those generated by positive word-of-mouth — are a completely different story. These referrals often come backed by a narrative. The referrer had a problem or a need, and we solved it in a way that left a good impression on them.

    This story of a satisfying transaction sets the tone for our referred clients. They can feel more comfortable and more confident when they come to us with a need of their own. Whether they are buying a home or selling one, they have a clearer idea of what to expect and how we work hard to meet these expectations.

    Come Give Us a Chance and Join Our Network

    We truly wish that every client who comes to us has a personal recommendation from someone they trusted, but sadly that cannot always be the case. In lieu of a glowing review from a friend, family member or acquaintance, try our services based on the faith of our past satisfied customers. They will be able to tell you what sort of value we bring to each real estate transaction and how we bend over backwards to make a good impression on everyone involved. In many ways, our reputation is our business because without it we would have to start over again with each client.

    Come take a look at our team page to get acquainted with our family. Each member works hard to contribute to an overall positive experience that has been shared over and over through the years. We promise that when you are finished with our services, you will want to shout from the rooftops about how amazed you were, every step of the way.


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