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    North Texas real estate activity is surging at the moment, and agencies are having trouble keeping up with the demand for both homes and qualified buyers’ agents. Sales activity in March alone was up 12 percent compared to last year, and the Dallas/Fort Worth area is growing at the second highest rate of any metropolitan area in the country.

    Demand for homes is so high that inventory is the tightest it has ever been. Only a 2.2 month supply is currently on the market —  16,478 homes. Sky high demand and tight inventory mean that sales are happening fast. Many homes are selling before they even officially hit the market.

    In order to compete in this hectic buying climate, real estate agencies like The Rhodes Team are in  need  of motivated, even assertive buyers’ agents who are skilled at networking, market research and negotiations. Home buyers will want a representative on their side who can find listings no one else knows about and who can help get them in the doors of  highly-contested properties.

    If you are a practicing real estate agent licensed with TREC, we (and our clients) desperately need your skills. You can help drive this exciting activity while making some real income at the same time. We will even supply you with qualified buyer leads, all you have to do is help get them in a home they will love.

    Here are some of the qualities we are looking for:

    Great  People Skills

    Our clients are typically well-off, experienced in business and know what they want. They need a buyers’ agent who can fill them with confidence and give them inside access to the highly competitive market. Their agent must be outgoing, personable, clear at communication and able to smoothly adjust to sudden changes in client demands or market situations.

    Your personality will help drive the client experience as they hunt for available properties. You must be capable of explaining situations as they arise and educating your clients on home features, neighborhoods, negotiation tactics and the buying process in general.


    As mentioned before, sales are happening fast. A buyers’ agent must be able to quickly pool their resources and arrange things like closing offers or home viewings at the drop of a hat. You may end up having to juggle several lines of inquiry at once, emailing a potential home lead while arranging an appointment with your buyer around the same time.

    An ideal buyers’ agent can handle the pressure of multiple lanes of action going on at the same time while avoiding snags or oversights. Your client can never feel like they are neglected or that they slipped through the cracks and missed out on a great home opportunity. Instead, they should be impressed at your scheduling wizardry and your ability to pull their desired appointment or an attentive seller seemingly out of thin air.


    While the first two traits are vital for making everything work, a buyers’ agent must know their stuff in order to even stay afloat during such a fast-paced market. You must be able to track down listings that are not showing on the MLS, and you will have to know the comparable market values, both off the top of your head and through crunching the formula, to tell clients when a listing price is appropriate.

    An attentive agent will also have to be able to get all the buyer’s ducks in a row to ensure that they can make a legitimate offer when the time comes. You will likely have to walk the buyer through the closing process, too. Even though many of our clients have bought homes before, negotiation, closing costs and even deal outcomes can differ from sale to sale.

    If you think that all of these qualities sound like you, then we would be privileged to have you work for our team! Amazing buyers’ agents are hard to come by, and they can help real estate agencies and buyers navigate tricky times like the one we are in now. Agents that can respond fast can turn around a sale quickly in the current market, so join our experienced team to be a part of this exciting time.


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