Flower Mound Is HOT! We Are Looking for Inventory and Can Sell Your House Quickly

    Job growth in the Dallas / Ft. Worth Metroplex is fueling insatiable demand for homes in the outlying counties. This demand is seeing homes in desirable neighborhoods being gobbled up and sold quickly before they even officially hit the market. People all over the region are scrambling to get the keys to their very own home in areas like Flower Mound.

    Great Opportunities for Selling Your House in Flower Mound

    The red-hot demand has put quite a dent in the availability of single-family, detached homes. According to The Dallas Morning News, housing inventory is at an all-time low. While a six month supply of listed or vacant homes is the norm in a balanced market, Flower Mound and other North Texas areas are seeing a 2.2 month supply or less. High demand and short supply put tremendous upward pressure on home prices, causing them to lift 9 percent in March alone.

    This frantic market spells many excellent opportunities for people listing a Flower Mound home for sale. If you currently own a Flower Mound real estate property, you could potentially be sitting on a gold mine. Anyone who is considering selling soon would be well-served by acting now.

    With demand higher than it has ever been, the potential for offers to pour in is practically tantalizing. Let The Rhodes Team be your expert sales team to get you the best buyer and price for your Flower Mound real estate property.

    Real Estate Inventory on the Way May Not Be Enough

    The Dallas area is one of nation’s leaders in new homes being built. Massive mixed-use development projects are on the way, such as the 1,750 home community of Canyon Falls.

    Begun back in 2013, Canyon Falls is one of many such “startup” communities that include commercial and retail space. They are being eagerly bought by foreign investors like Japanese home builder Sekisui House Ltd.

    While activity is buzzing with these areas, they are mere promises of the future. Home buyers are on the hunt for resale properties they can have now in established neighborhoods. The fact that a community already exists with shopping, restaurants and schools means that there is less risk of being let down as lagging services “trickle in” to fulfill ambitious goal-setting.

    Flower Mound, Texas, Has Newsworthy Appeal to Home Buyers

    Unlike these hypothetical developments, areas like Flower Mound, Texas, already have plenty of marketable amenities and services. In fact, a recent survey by 24/7 Wall St. showed that Flower Mound is one of the nation’s top 50 best places to live. A mixture of factors like a high median income, reasonable home prices, excellent schools, low crime, and quick access to thousands of restaurants and 14 museums makes the area an excellent place to raise a family.

    Publicity like this makes demand that much more enthusiastic for moving to Flower Mound. If you currently own a home in the area and are considering selling, now just could be the perfect time to make your move. Prices have only gone up from competing offers, and selling a home has never been more effortless.

    Waiting too long could even cause you to see increased competition from new developments like Canyon Falls. To sell your house quickly now with an experienced North Texas real estate agent, fill out the form below and get a quick FREE estimate on your potential closing price.


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