Should I Move or Improve?

    There are questions that many homeowners often times ask themselves when considering possibly selling their home.  Should I move or improve? Should I stay or should I go?

    People often think that if you ask a real estate agent if now is a good time to sell your house, they will always say yes, every time.  However, not all agents are created equal and at The Rhodes Team we strive to approach these conversations a bit differently.

    Our goal from day one is to make a thoughtful effort to understand each unique prospective seller’s situation as best we can, before moving forward with listing your house for sale.  Based on the conversation, it often isn’t as black and white as – to sell or not to sell

    Sometimes, pre-market updates could be made to ensure that selling your house nets you the absolute most amount of money possible for what is most likely your largest financial asset.  In fact, sometimes selling isn’t in your best interest at all, and simply improving your current house is the correct answer, right now, for your unique situation.

    Yes, sometimes we will talk ourselves out of a listing, but we are passionate about doing the right thing for each and every client, even if it means not getting their business at that moment.

    We treat all our clients with great respect and care, just as we would treat our own mothers.  We firmly believe this is the reason over half our annual business comes from referrals and past clients.



    Making sure your house is updated and relevant to today’s prospective buyers can be crucial to obtaining the absolute most on your prized investment.  If you plan on making updates prior to listing your house for sale, it is critical that you make the best renovations for your unique home.  Consulting a knowledgeable realtor is the only true way to understand which updates will make the greatest impact on your pocketbook at closing.

    If you would like to learn the #1 update that will net you the most amount of money for your house, call 1-800-644-3351 and enter code 7216 for FREE 24-hour RECORDED INFORMATION.  For a FREE no obligation market valuation, simply fill out this [expand title=”FORM“]


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