8 Spring Cleaning Tips to Boost your Curb-Appeal

    Spring is finally here! After the long winter, your house probably needs a good spring cleaning, especially if you are thinking about selling.

    Sprucing up the outside might take little more than a bit of elbow grease, but it can make a significant difference in buyer interest. Curb appeal is a big part of whether a buyer will do more than drive by your home. Here are 8 important Spring cleaning tips for 2015:

    Spring Cleaning Checklist Box1. Remove Cobwebs in the Doorways and Eaves

    You may walk by them every day – cobwebs. Spiders like to make their homes in the corners of doorways and windows and under the eaves of your roof. Even though you may not notice the cobwebs, buyers will, and, if you left the cobwebs, they may wonder what else you didn’t attend to. It may require a stepladder, but usually cobwebs can be removed with a broom. Spraying with a water hose can also remove dirt that may have settled over the winter.

    Spring Cleaning Checklist Box2. Simplify the Front-Entrance

    Your porch needs attention. Make sure the door has been cleaned and any paint or surface damage repaired. Don’t neglect the door frame, and make sure you clean out those corners. Consider placing potted plants or other décor, but don’t go overboard with too much busy-ness.

    Spring Cleaning Checklist Box3. Make Sure the Lawn is Clean and Green

    Your lawn is probably mowed but you want it to look green and healthy.   Trim the edges, get rid of the weeds and address any bare patches or yellow spots.   Prune the hedges and trees and clean out the flower beds. Adding mulch and some bedding plants can provide a bit of brightness. If you maintain your own lawn, you may need fertilizer, extra seed, or insect treatment; consult an expert for significant problems.

    Spring Cleaning Checklist Box4. Organize the Garage

    The garage is a sore spot for a lot of people. The place gets all junked up and cleaning may seem like a huge pain, but a clean garage can make a big difference. Cleaning the garage involves organizing, but it can also require some real cleaning. Hopefully, your car doesn’t leak oil, but if it does clean it up. Get rid of dirt by sweeping and hosing out the entire garage if you can; make sure you get the corners, and don’t forget the garage door.

    Spring Cleaning Checklist Box5. Clean the Windows and Scrub the Frames

    Really, not many people like to clean windows but they make a difference inside and out. You may be tempted to simply hose them off, and you should to get rid of surface dirt and wash off the frames. An actual cleaning with window cleaner and a squeegee, however will make them shine and make the inside of your home brighter too.

    Spring Cleaning Checklist Box6. Clean Out the Trash Cans

    Garbage cans are gross. Old trash – smelly goo and who knows what can build up over the year. You don’t want to make the wrong impression with a stinky garbage can. You can easily clean garbage cans out with detergent and a sprayer. If you have someone coming to view your home make an effort to put it away.

    Spring Cleaning Checklist Box7. Power Wash the Sidewalks and Driveway

    Make sure your driveway and any sidewalks or pathways are in good repair. Trim the grass away from the edges for a clean and crisp look and consider a power washing to make cement bright again.

    Spring Cleaning Checklist Box8. Replace Torn and Worn Patio Furniture

    If you have outside deck furniture or a backyard grill, clean them up. A lot of furniture can be cleaned off with a simple hose and maybe a bit of soap. Any cushions that are worn or faded may need replacement, and degrease the grill if you use one.

    You can do a lot of the simple things on your own but if you are planning on selling your home, consult with your realtor before you go for any big projects. An experienced real estate agent can help you decide what projects may provide the most bang for your buck and can point out any simple things that you may have missed.

    The Rhodes Team at Keller Williams, based in Flower Mound, Texas, has 12 experienced real estate agents who can help you get your home ready to sell with spring cleaning advice and many other professional services. We are experts in the DFW real estate market, with over 500 homes sold last year, we know the market and we know houses. Fill out the form below, and receive a FREE home value analysis.

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