St. Joseph Statue and Selling Your Home

    In addition to hiring a good real estate agent, many have found that burying a St. Joseph statue can help in selling your home. While there are uncertainties that can come with putting your house on the market, it is believed that St. Joseph can help sell a home in an efficient manner.

    The Story Behind St. Joseph and Real Estate

    The husband of Mary and the father of Christ, St. Joseph is the patron saint of married couples, families, carpenters and workmen. Due to the nature of his sainthood, European Catholic nuns buried St. Joseph medals on a property that they wished to purchase for convents.

    Overtime, after word of the nuns’ actions caught on, others substituted burying medals for statues and changed the focus on real estate from buying to selling. Today, the act of burying St. Joseph continues. Those who sell religious goods have seen a spike in the sale of the statues, as many people believe that St. Joseph will help sell their home, or they are at least willing to give him a try.

    How St. Joseph Can Help Sell Your Home

    Whether you are Catholic or not, this act has become a tradition of sorts, for those who are hoping to sell their home. It is suggested that the statue of St. Joseph be buried upside-down, so that his feet point towards heaven. If you do not have a yard, that is okay too, as many people have found success in burying their statues in pots of dirt, just outside their homes.

    However, there is some discrepancy as to which way St. Joseph should face, as he is buried. Some believe that by facing him towards your home, that it will sell in an efficient fashion. Additionally, if you wanted to help a neighbor during their moving process, you could face St. Joseph towards their home, so that the house would sell.

    Others believe that you must bury St. Joseph in a way so that he is facing the direction in which you are hoping to move. Whichever way you bury him, be sure that you are able to find him before you leave your property for the last time, so that you are able to give him a place of honor in your new home. After all, he did help you sell your old place.

    Where to Find St. Joseph

    Because the burying of St. Joseph has become a popular tradition, many retail outlets sell small statues of St. Joseph that are ideal for burying. Aside from that, many places sell kits that come with instructions on how to bury your statue, a prayer you can say and much more.

    These kits and statues alike can help you sell your home, or they would make a great gift for a friend or family member who is thinking about putting their house on the market, as well.

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