4 Most Overlooked Tips to Sell your House Quickly

    In this environment, many homeowners planning to sell their properties are turning to updates and upgrades to, hopefully, generate fast interest and faster sales. It is important, however, to take the big picture into consideration before engaging in expensive upgrades. Among the major factors in today’s real estate market are internet marketing and sales tactics, meaning your upgrades need to shine in that arena. If you are looking to sell your house quickly, these 4 tips will become invaluable!

    1.  Take Lots of Pictures! They Are Worth a Thousand Words!

    There is an old saying that a picture is worth a thousand words, and this has never been truer than in the current home sale’s market. Over 90 percent of home buyers begin their search online, and if you don’t have a wealth of photos showing off your home, you may not generate the desired interest.

    In fact, the more photos you have, the better you are. Homes with fewer than 6 pictures included with their listing are half as likely to get visits from potential buyers.

    2. Listen to Your Real Estate Agent

    Your agents know their business. Invite them into your home and listen to all of their opinions, thoughts and ideas on staging it for sale. It is important to partner with an agent with whom you get along and whom you can trust. If they have a successful track record elsewhere, they will have one with you, too!

    3. Know the Difference between Home Staging and House Upgrades

    Remember, it’s all about how the home looks. In many cases, staging your home will generate results that are just as good as, or better than, expensive upgrades. Do not ever expect to get back every penny you spend on updating your property. Just because you perform a $10,000 kitchen remodel, does not mean you can ask for $10,000 more in the sales price.

    This is why you should consider every aspect of home improvement before taking on your sales. Since most of your shoppers are going to look at your listing online, staging can create a stunning look for your home without the requirement for spending loads of cash that you may not get back.

    4. Determine if it is Outdated, or if it Just Needs a Facelift

    The important thing you want to determine is this: is your home outdated, or does it just need a facelift? A fresh coat of paint, some redecorating and perhaps adding a few cabinets can make a world of difference. Only perform upgrades if your home truly needs it.

    If you are planning to sell your Dallas/Fort Worth home and want an expert in internet real estate marketing, give us a call today at (972) 992-1471 or fill out the form! We are here to help!


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